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Beauty Regime

Should I have a regime? Yes

If you are looking to get that glow, you really should be looking to get yourself a regime. It can be simple or as extended as you want it to be. 

If you are someone who really does not like a lot of fuss then stick with washing and moisturing. Here are the diffrent levels of having a regime.

These are your primary basics
  1. Wash and moisturise

  2. Wash Tone and moisturise

Primary basics +
  1. Wash Tone and moisturise & under eye cream

  2. Above. Adding a hydrating mist

  3. As Above. Adding extra like vitaminc shots or different acids


Mask or not to mask?

Masking is a regime option. But if you want to prolong glowing skin and want to add a little extra assistance, then I would suggest that you mask away. There are a few different masks on the market and hundreds to choose from. You have makeup brands that alongside their skincare range have face masks. Skincare only brands and it seems like every week there is a new brand with their own range.

Types of masks

  1. Gel

  2. Charcoal

  3. Peel Offs

  4. Tissue

  5. Clay

  6. cream

Masks can be used once, twice or even three times a week, depending on your needs. But twice a week is quite suffcient.

It is best to do a mask alongside a full on wash to moiturise. In other words dont just apply a mask and be done. It is also a good opportunity to use this time to relax and destress.

When do you mask?

What is a toner and why should I use it?

The answer in a word NO! you don't have to use a toner. However toner has its benefits. Toner helps to shrink pores, restores your ph balance and can act like a moisturiser. These are some of the benefits for using toner. As much as these are the claims, it is important to read the ingredients and  get to know what toner you are buying is good for. Toner is also good for giving your skin that extra cleanse. If you have never used a toner before after washing your face there tends to be traces or in some cases more than traces of dirt after a quick swipe.

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