What Brushes do I use

Updated: May 17, 2019

When it comes to makeup, like everything else it requires tools. Tools that help you give your desired look. With tools comes responsibilty only joking but it does require you using the right brushes for the right look.

What Brushes shall I buy?

Do I need to buy all the brushes out there?

The Brushes that you need is one for every part of your face. Do you need to buy all the brushes? No. Why because they come in different sizes, shapes and some can double their function.

Types of Brushes

These are the basic brushes:

  • Foundation Brush

  • Blusher Brush

  • Highlighter Brush

  • Eyeshadow Brush

  • Eyebrow Brush

  • Eyeliner Brush

If you want to get more specific you have brushes like

  • Stippling brush

  • Angle Brush

  • Blending Brush

  • Smudger Brush

  • Fan Brush

  • Flame Brush

Even with all these brushes, some of them double up in duties. As well as the types of brushes, they also come with either synthetic hair or animal hair, such as Pony and Goat hair.

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